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Sponsoring the Concordia Real Estate Club is, above all else, funding the future of real estate. There are currently no real estate program offered at any university in Montreal. Therefore, our events, such as the REG, are the only exposure that students have to the industry.

The students that attend our events are the students that are interested in potentially pursuing a career in real estate. These are the students that you want to be speaking with.

  • Promote your business. Our events offer you direct access to McGill, HEC, UQÀM, and Concordia’s student communities. Publicize your brand to a targeted customer base of young adults between 20-25 years old.

  • Network with talented soon-to-be graduates. Meet the next generation of real estate enthusiasts and professionals. CREC events are tailored to encourage students to network with real estate professionals – this is therefore a great opportunity for you to network with students.

  • Recruit young blood. We encourage students to discover career opportunities in real estate by offering them multiple networking events. This is your opportunity to meet with engaged and interested students who might be your future employees.

Attract future clients. We offer you great visibility to young adults a few years before they enter the real estate market as owners and/or tenants.